So Easy, A Kid Can Do It…

After attending my second International Food Blogger Conference (IFBC) last month, I came home with piles of swag — everything from little kitchen gadgets to food samples to cookware. Mind you, I am so not complaining! Free stuff is the best, especially when you can eat it or use it to cook with.

My kids, of course, zeroed in on two of the things they really like: baked goods and roasted cauliflower. Yes, you read “roasted cauliflower” correctly. I have no idea what happened, because it’s not like I only feed them vegetables or something. They like the usual junk kids like (donuts, candy, fries), but they also like the veggies I make them; and bizarrely enough, cauliflower is one of their faves.

They insisted on using some of my swag, and I would not refuse them this.

First was the Meyer Lemon Pound Cake mix, courtesy of the lovely people at Krusteaz. At IFBC they not only gave me a box of baking mix; they gave me a big tote bag with several baking mixes plus a selfie stick (which my kids predictably ran off with). And here’s where I know my kids share my weird genetic material: they wanted to use the Nordic Ware Pumpkin Loaf Pan (thank you, Sur la Table!) to bake the Meyer Lemon Pound Cake in. They thought it would be a funny juxtaposition (okay, maybe they did not use that exact word) to have a bright, lemony cake in the shape of a loaf with pumpkins on its surface. So why not? It turned out pretty damn good! The mix was super easy to make, and with some vegetable oil spray in the loaf pan, the cake came out beautifully. Let’s just say it disappeared in 24 hours.

Next up: the cauliflower. My eldest did this one herself; I only had to help with cutting the enormous cauliflower head into half-inch “steaks.” She had fun using the Manchego and Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Seasoning Mix from Sur la Table. The mix is simple to use: combine mix, olive oil, and melted butter. Baste both sides of the cauliflower steaks, and then bake for 20 minutes. The caramelization on the cauliflower does a tango with the flavors of the seasoning mix, resulting in a flavorful side dish that would pair well with grilled salmon (which is what we had) or meat. Mommy and daddy also enjoyed a 2006 Erath Fuque Pinot Noir, but I’m digressing…

Sur la Table has several flavors of these seasoning mixes, and I will definitely give them a go! Or more likely, my kid will.


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