Dine Out: Homegrown

Comfort food

My friend Stacy reminded me the other day that the new sandwich place in Redmond, kitty-corner from Matador, just opened. I thought, “Seriously, another sandwich shop? How many do we need around here?”

Well, this is the one we really did need, and just didn’t know it yet. Homegrown, which has several branches throughout Seattle and the Eastside, touts itself as a “sustainable sandwich shop.” So it’s got all the bells and whistles for socially-mindful foodies: it’s mostly organic and locally-sourced; their meat products are grass-fed, organic, local, and use no hormones or antibiotics; and features eco-friendly containers and paper items. If names like Sprouting Farm, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese, Wilcox Family Farms, Grand Central Bakery, and Hempler’s mean anything to you, this is your kind of place.

The icing on the cake is that they serve Stumptown Coffee. Stumptown in Redmond, huzzah! Stacy had an iced latté and was bowled over by the amazing flavor — yes, the flavor — of the coffee. If you drink too much Starbucks your deprived taste buds may have long forgotten the divine, complex, velvety taste of truly fabulous coffee. So even if you don’t like soup or sandwiches (who the hell are you?!), you can come for the coffee! (And don’t even tell me who you are if you don’t drink coffee.)

I had the Bacon, Egg+Cheese breakfast sandwich, a hefty half a sandwich with one thick slice of perfectly crisped bacon, a fried egg, garlic aioli, and Beecher’s Flagship cheese dreamily oozing out of all sides, all on grilled whole grain bread. Stacy opted for the Avocado, Egg+Cheese, which she really liked, although pronounced the hot sauce as a bit too overpowering and had to scrape it off. I also had a cup of the Artichoke soup, which was very tasty and not insanely rich.

We are mightily pleased with our new lunch find! Are we going back? Hell yeah.


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