Dine Out: Quinn’s Pub

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 5.57.40 PM

The other night the mister and I wanted some comfort food. The weather was turning, we’d had a long week, and we just wanted a warm place that was fun and cozy, with good food and drinks. So we hit up Quinn’s Pub. Not only did it hit the mark on all our requirements, it was only a mere two blocks from the karaoke joint we were going to after dinner (more on that in a separate post).

After a very short, entertaining wait outside (because why not check out the three ZZ Top-bearded guys who were each almost 7′ tall and probably weighed 400 lbs all together), we got our table.

Their bar menu is the shit. My hard liquor-loving husband was in a tizzy at the impressive list of bourbons, whiskeys and scotches. I had one cocktail off the menu, which was good. For the second one I told the server, “I’d like something tequila-based, citrusy but complex, that is mostly tart but very slightly sweet.” Doesn’t everyone order like this? Well, she and the bartender delivered; I can’t remember what the drink’s name was, but it was spot-on. I wish I’d written it down!

The food was perfect for a long night of good fun. This isn’t a place to get a light little salad; let’s be clear on that. With items like Foie Gras Frites, Scotch Egg and Wild Boar Sloppy Joe on the menu, you need to eat like a man. We started out with Marinated Olives and Spiced Bacon Caramel Corn. Because bacon. This was the perfect accompaniment to our first drinks. [Photo credit: The Interwebs, because it was too dark inside for me to take pics, and I don’t like to go all flashbulb-y in a restaurant.]

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 6.00.07 PM

We split a Grilled Radicchio Salad and their famous Fish & Chips. Deeelightful; the extra “e” is for that EKG you’d need if you ate like this every day. But c’mon, it’s Saturday night!

My favorite part of the evening may have been at the end, when our server asked if we wanted dessert. I said, “Nah, gotta get to our appointment at Rock Box.” She enthusiastically replied, with a double-head nod, “Fuck, yeah!”


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