Family Dining: SushiMe

photo 1

We love to eat out as a family, and we’ve gotten to a pretty nice place where we can eat at a variety of restaurants that don’t necessarily cater to children (read: have a Kid Menu with the likes of chicken strips and mac and cheese).

One of our standbys for a quick, cheap meal is SushiMe in Bellevue, across from the Crossroads Mall.

We used to go to SushiLand in Redmond, but ever since they got temporarily closed down by the health department, they’ve gone lower on my list, even though they’re probably totally up to code now. Sushi Connections in Woodinville was just so-so, and aa Sushi in Kirkland was just downright terrible. Blue C Sushi in Bellevue and in Seattle is pretty good, but I don’t think they are worth the significantly higher prices.

My husband, who has lived in Japan, is disdainful of conveyor belt sushi joints (“stale sushi”), but he’ll eat here. The kids love it, and they each have their favorites, like the miso soup, tamago (egg on rice sushi), chicken katsu (fried chicken breast on rice with salad), edamame (steamed soybean pods) and various sushi rolls. The grownups like the good quality sushi and funky rolls (e.g., Caterpillar, Red Dragon, Ichi Roll). The extensive hot food menu and rolls menu (pictured above) has something for everyone.

Plenty of green tea (free!), or sake, beer and wine, will up it to a relaxing dinner. If we treat the kids to dessert they will get ice cream (green tea, yum!), mochi ice cream or the mini chocolate eclairs.

Friendly service and squeaky clean bathrooms are an added bonus.

A meal runs the five of us anywhere from $45-$60, which is quite reasonable; we all leave happy and full.


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